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Hemal Jhaveri A Lone Tree Man - Softec Solutions

Mr. Hemal Jhaveri fills in as Chairman, CEO, and President of SofTec Solutions, Inc. He regulates the general administration and smooth workflow of SofTec. He lives in Lone Tree City.Mr. Jhaveri has more than a quarter century of experience in Computer and Data innovation. 

Detail Of Lone Tree man Hemal Jhaveri 
Hemal Jhaveri established SofTec in 1996 and played a significant role in its development. In 2002, he diverted SofTec's focus to the Public Sector and framed two divisions inside it – one dedicated to IT administrations and Operations and Management work and the other to Enterprise Solutions. He is amongst successful representative of the city. One of the reasons behind his success is his way of treating his employees. He is quite friendly to his staff and treats them as his companions. He doesn’t believe in bossy work culture. 

Before discovering SofTec, he was the Chief Information Officer at EchoStar, where he played a key role in building the establishment …